Definition of Consumer Involvement

Each time make decisions or purchases, consumers first consider. Sometimes tokk long time to decided on the merits, more or less, or the pros and cons. Well it actually the process of engagement between something which we think to ourselves, and its often called “consumer involvement”.

Some marketing experts expressed definition of consumer involvement as follows:

Consumer involvement defined by the Engel, Blackwell, and Miniard as the perceived level of personal interest or interest generated by the stimulus in a specific situation. Involvement is best understood as a function of people, objects and situations.

Pride and Ferrell revealed that the level of consumer involvement is the reason why consumers are motivated to find a particular product and brand information.

Peter and Olson confirmed that involvement is a motivational state that drives and directs the behavior of consumers when making decisions.

Each consumer has an underlying motivation in the form of needs and values​​. While involvement will arise when the object (product, service or promotional messages) can help to meet the perceived needs, goals and values ​​that were important. Meeting these needs is perceived to be varied or not the same from one situation to others.

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