Flight Service

Currently, the airline business is getting tougher. Airlines make any efforts in order to keep his business afloat. Current trend efforts is LCC strategy. LCC stands for Low Cost Carrier. In principle LCC is lowering operational cost of an aircraft in order to maintain profits. LCC strategy will lead to the cheapening of the ticket price. operational cost reductions could be lower / eliminate the catering on board, reduce fuel, or other reductions were deemed less important. The main point is just fly someone to a destination.

But not so with the Eva Air taiwan. Eva Air Taiwan do a strategy that is unique and different from other airlines. It uses the popular cartoon character Hello Kitty to attract new customers and retain old customers. From the appearance of the aircraft, the entire body of the aircraft used is painted with the Hello Kitty character. On the onboard service, instead of reducing the quality of food, Eva Air actually modifying food in accordance with the Hello Kitty character. Food made not only delicious but also attractive in appearance, without lowering quality.

Not only appearance in the plane and on board service. The seriousness of Eva Air carrying Hello Kitty character is evidenced by the promotion of flying with the creator of the Hello Kitty character.

Then what is the purpose of carrying this character? Is it true that it can attract more customers? To attract customers the answer need proved with data, which may not be shown to the public. As for goals, we can estimate based on the theory of marketing.

As we know, in marketing there called segmenting, targeting, and positioning. Segmenting means a company distributing customer criteria in a particular group. The criteria are divided up to the owner of the business. Targeting means business product owned sought to be sold to one or several segments that have divided. Positioning means to exert influence on the products of the marked targets.

Maybe Eva Air Taiwan found the segment that there are many passengers who love the Hello Kitty character so this is considered a potential segment to be targeted. The hope and goal is that the Eva Air positioned to serve passengers of Hello Kitty lovers. In other words, if he remembers Hello Kitty, he will remember Eva Air.

I believe this analysis is superficial, need further discussion on this matter. But the common thread that can be concluded here is that the flight service is so tight that when faced with a range of innovative and creative marketing to survive. Eva water indicates this with a very unique way.

What To Do After Opening Online Store?

Currently, open an online store is very easy. But after opening an online store visitor does not immediately come to your store. There are things that you should do as a follow-up to open an online store:

1. Adjust The Online Store Display
Currently the online store is very tight competition. Therefore, your online store has to stand out and be different, and looks professional when prospective customers visit your online store.
Change the look of your online store more attractive but also user friendly, as far as possible the first page is viewing profiles with photos and a giant banner showing your online store brand. Customize the appearance of online stores with the character you want to raise in your brand.

2. Upload Good Photos Products.

Photos of products are one of the first things seen by potential customers, and typically be considered early if a prospective customer will make a deal with you or not. However, the photos shown must be in accordance with the product you have. This is related to credibility and trust. Do not let you upload a good photo, but your product does not match the image.

3. Do a Few Adjustments So Google and other Search Engine Easily Found Online Store.

Once your online store looks beautiful, the next step is to make it easy to be found by Google and other search engines. This adjustment is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Although a bit technical, SEO is actually quite simple, the key is in the persistence about customizing each page to be easily found by Google.

4. Promote Your Online Store In Social Media

One of the most effective way of promotion, fast and cheap (can be free), is to promote your products to your friends on social media services like Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.

5. Evaluation
The final step is to evaluate your online store on a regular basis. Maybe there are some keywords that you need to update. Or maybe there are some photos of the products that have to be replaced, and others. Do this every time.